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Company Profile

Shenzhen Itemir technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2016, start-ups, has been uphold service-oriented philosophy, adhere to innovation, focusing on professional, to create a first-class set of software development and sales of technology companies.
In the field of data recovery, we already have for the windows operating system and Apple MAC operating system data recovery software and get a lot of users of all ages and praise. We are convinced that in the near future, the company will make more outstanding contributions to the improvement of people's life and work efficiency.

Corporate culture

● From professional dedication:
Because the focus, so professional. We are experts in data recovery, the potential to build a pilot.
● Quality decide to trust:
the trust of our users from the trust of product quality, and quality is derived from our expertise, our innovation, we consistently adhere to.
● Innovative achievements in the future:
the soul lies in innovation, and innovation is the vitality of enterprises.
● win-win situation to create wealth:
intention to treat the user's urgent needs, the fundamental interests of users, is our fundamental interests, only to solve the needs of users, in order to realize win-win situation.
● to seek common ground while reserving differences:
just carries a common goal, there is no fear of the storm.

Fringe benefits

● Workers birthday celebration;
● Pay "five insurance";
● Generous year-end awards;
● Least once a year of tourism opportunities;
● Diversification of training opportunities and corresponding
     career planning;
● Provide training opportunities for career advancement and the
     corresponding career planning.


We are a young, enthusiastic, ambitious dream team. Inception, eager elite, hand in hand with you to write a new chapter of life, companies hesitate to pay, expect China carries the same dream you create belong to our future together.

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